Welcome To The Shameful Tiki Room

The Shameful Tiki Room is dedicated to creating an immersive escape that pays respect to both classic American tiki bars of mid century yesteryear and the cultures that inspired that first movement.

Dimly lit with no visible windows to the outside, music that doesn’t overpower conversation, share plates for groups and of course, expertly crafted vintage exotic cocktails like the Zombie, Jet Pilot and Mai Tai.

When a trip to exotic far off paradise isn’t there to be had, we’re ready to offer you the next best thing.

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Our Founder - “Rocket” Rod Moore

After some hard working years in the retail industry, Rod Moore followed his dream of opening Western Canada’s first ever truly authentic Tiki Bar. THE SHAMEFUL TIKI ROOM was born in March 2013, and after a somewhat sleepy beginning became a very busy Vancouver hotspot indeed.

In 2015, with Vancouver rolling along, Rod traveled to Toronto to open a second location… and here there was no hesitation whatsoever. A great time was had by all at the grand opening and Toronto has never looked better.

After celebrating THE SHAMEFUL TIKI ROOM Vancouver's 10th anniversary, Rod decided to sell the establishment to a team headed by his bar manager at that time, Jason Laidlaw.

Rod Moore - Founder of The Shameful Tiki Room
Rod Moore with some friends at The Shameful Tiki Room
Rod Moore with friends at The Shameful Tiki Room

Rod’s new focus will be crafting creative tiki art and original music.

Find his full story and all of his tiki wares here:
Website RocketRodsTikis.com
Instagram @rocketrodstikis



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